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    Are you seeking a reliable solution to address oil pollution and safeguard the environment? We proudly introduce to you BIGNANOTECH industrial oil absorbent pads - a breakthrough product with outstanding features to meet all your requirements.

    1. Excellent Absorption Capability: Our BIGNANOTECH oil absorbent pads are designed with super absorbent material capable of efficiently absorbing oil, grease, and other petroleum-based liquids. High absorbency ensures quick waste absorption, keeping surfaces dry and safe.

    2. Superior Durability: Manufactured from high-quality materials, our product withstands heavy loads and remains undistorted after oil absorption. This ensures the BIGNANO oil absorbent pads maintain effectiveness and reliability throughout their usage.


    3. Flexibility and Ease of Use: Designed in sheet form, the oil absorbent pads are easily cut and adaptable to various spaces and surfaces. You can conveniently customize the size of the pads to suit your specific needs.

    4. Safety and Non-Polluting: Made from environmentally friendly materials, our product doesn't pose any adverse reactions to the environment. This ensures you are actively contributing to environmental protection and complying with environmental protection regulations.


    5. Easy Handling and Recycling: Once the oil absorbent pads have absorbed sufficient oil, you can easily collect and dispose of them safely. The product can be recycled or further processed into other raw materials.

    6. Versatile Applications: The BIGNANO oil absorbent pads are suitable for various industrial sectors such as factories, oil tanks, chemical storage tanks, ports, and construction sites. Its high flexibility makes the product suitable for various working environments.

    Take confident steps in managing oil pollution and environmental protection with our industrial oil absorbent pads. Our technical team is always available to advise and support you in choosing the most suitable solution.

    Contact us today for detailed information and enjoy peace of mind regarding the sustainability and effectiveness of your business!

    For consultation or purchase, please contact:
    Hotline: (+84) 879 808 080 – (+84) 868 939 595
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