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[Look Office] - The office building for lease/ rent Cobi Tower

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    Hana Cobi Korea is an enterprise founded by Mr. Kim Jong Il in 1978 and is also the parent company of Lock & Lock. He continued his second career with COBI CIF project, COBI Logistics and office building of COBI Tower in Vietnam. The total estimated investment capital for these three projects is over USD 100 million.

    • Property ID: LO-15072
    • Year Built: Q4/2021
    • Address: Hoang Van Thai Street
    • Neighborhood: District 7
    • Grade: Grade B
    • Storey: 17
    • Basement: 3
    • Price: $18//sqm/month…/ho-chi-mi…/district-7/the-cobi-tower

    Available on whatsapps / viber / zalo: (+84) 398 716 459
    Or email:
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