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    N-BIO POWDER Biological Oil-Degrading Powder by BIGNANOTECH is a biological powder product consisting primarily of natural-origin materials and a group of microorganisms capable of cellulose degradation. Additionally, the biological powder product has the ability to decompose hydrocarbon compounds such as gasoline, diesel, KO, FO, and some other petroleum products.


    1. Composition
    The Biological Oil-Degrading Powder consists of natural-origin ingredients combined with selected microorganisms at high density: Bacillus: 107 – 108 CFU/g, Streptomyces: 107 – 108 CFU/g. These microorganisms have been researched, evaluated for their biological activity, deemed safe for soil and crops, and permitted for use in producing cellulose-degrading microbial products.

    2. Function
    • [*]This is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic biological powder product for treating environmental pollution, without adverse effects on human health.[*]The Biological Oil-Degrading Powder for oil decomposition, capable of cellulose degradation, is used to treat oil pollution in soil, mud, or sand. The activity of the decomposing microorganism group in N-BIO POWDER biological powder will reduce the oil content in the soil, transforming oil components into non-toxic forms for the environment. Additionally, the product is used to treat waste sources rich in fiber (cellulose, lignin) such as straw, agricultural by-products, waste in paper and packaging industries, etc.
    3. Characteristics
    • [*]Absorbs and retains liquids it absorbs tightly, thereby preventing secondary pollution sources.[*]Eight times higher absorption capacity compared to other absorbent powders on the market, ensuring a completely clean and dry floor.[*]Natural oil decomposition through the available microorganisms in the cellulose of the product. 100% biodegradable.[*]Limits the evaporation of spilled solutions, thereby minimizing the risk of easy ignition.[*]Non-corrosive, no harmful substances to human health, animals, or plants. Safe for the natural environment.[*]Simple and safe to use.
    4. Instructions for use

    4.1. Using N-BIO POWDER microbial powder for oil-contaminated soil, mud, sand
    • [*]Direct use: Open the bag, sprinkle N-BIO POWDER microbial powder over the entire surface with spilled oil. Mix N-BIO POWDER powder with oil-contaminated soil as evenly as possible; Biological Oil-Degrading Powder will absorb oil upon contact. This superior characteristic helps prevent wide oil spreading or dispersal into the air.[*]The biological oil degradation process (isolated) by microorganisms occurs immediately afterward. 70-80% of absorbed oil is decomposed after 01 – 04 months depending on the oil content and type of waste oil.[*]For treating soil layers contaminated with oil up to a depth of 0.5m, evenly mix N-BIO POWDER microbial powder with the soil using a plow machine. If deeper, machinery for excavating the contaminated layer must be used to mix or overturn the soil.

    4.2. Using N-BIO POWDER microbial powder as fertilizer for crops
    • [*]Direct use: Open the bag, sprinkle N-BIO POWDER microbial powder onto the cultivated soil for topdressing or basal fertilization.[*]For basal fertilization, evenly spread N-BIO POWDER microbial powder when preparing the soil, then plow or furrow and cover with a thin layer of soil before planting.[*]For topdressing, dig trenches, spread microbial powder, cover with a thin layer of soil, or evenly spread N-BIO POWDER microbial powder along the width of the tree canopy and then water.
    For inquiries or purchases, please contact:
    Hotline: (+84) 879 808 080 – (+84) 868 939 595

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